Aliona Kuznetsova

Is a Ukrainian-American artist who's work is about empathetic representation on complex emotions.

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Vague Sensation Photobook

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Memories and Dreams

Teenagers, who were forced to leave their war torn country, memorialized their experience of living in unfamiliar surroundings through photography. These works reflect memories of home as well as dreams of a better future.

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Winter '22-23 Collection

Winter is my favorite time of year, and being a northerner, I really miss the snow here in the Bay Area. For when it's snowing, it becomes so much lighter, even at night when street lights are reflected in white streets and roofs. 

Without snow in Winter, I become a bit blue, so I selected a collection of what makes me feel warmer inside - different small things to light up your work desk or a room at your home :)

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Fall '22 Collection

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This season I mixed warm and cold, just as the Fall tends to be in my hometown. We usually start with grey and days-long rain in September (White Room), only to return to sunny golden days at the beginning of October (Figs and Gold). Sunny days bring first frosty nights, and trees turn golden and red until a new fit of rain and dark days in mid-November will cause them to lose all the leaves and stay bare and sad for the next four months (Empty Shell).

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"I really like your photography. In the Chapter about Nostalgia ... the works make me feel melancholy and calm ... a sense of anticipation ... calm before the storm." 

Anna Ryabich

"I read the book and stared at the pictures several times - you really are a talented artist. The pictures are unique and beautiful. Your story is inspiring <3"


"I enjoyed being a “viewer”, I enjoyed being a “reader”. Your writing gives insights, yet still allows for my imagination to create my own stories, feelings, and emotions from your images."  

Franziska Drummond