How often do the collections change?

Once every 6 months, after I have the show in City Art Gallery, I make the works available to my online community. There are also some products that I release specifically for my community and they are always announced in the Art Letter - which you can subscribe to in the footer of the page. 

How do you figure out the price of the work?

The price depends on size, materials and edition.

Size & Materials.

Bigger work is harder to produce and transport. Work on metal is more labour intensive then work on paper. Work of custom size has to come with custom frames. 

I only use highest quality giclée prints on archival paper unless the work is in the form of poster - in which case I can offer bigger work with a friendly price. For the metal I use highest quality prints created by infusing dyes directly into aluminum. The quality is so high it can be displayed outdoors under rain and sun without loss in colors or sharpness.


For the original augmented print only one version of the picture exists because the pattern is hand-drawn and original every time.

For 5 prints series, only 5 copies will ever be printed (and owned by 5 people possible in all corners of the world, at least that's how I like to imagine it:) ).

For mini-prints, it's open edition prints, and so I can let them go easier, at more friendly price. Non the less mini-prints are hand-cut and carry my signature energy.

Posters are always open-edition. For books and magazines I always mention the edition separately. 

Finally, if the work is unique (say MIRA's textile pieces) and it's extremely hard for me to let it go, it will be reflected in the price:)

How long does delivery take? 

If you need the delivery to arrive on short notice, please shoot me a message at aliona.kuz@gmail.com. In general I send out cards and work on paper twice a week, whereas work on metal and posters can take longer.

I send all the originals in half-way frame - you can leave it or change it to the one which better fits your home. The important thing, half-way frame is safe (no glass) and compliant with customs regulations, and it also protects the piece and allows you to display it right away.

If you are in San Francisco Bay Area, we can arrange an in-person meeting for me to deliver the work.

Can I have a custom print?

Normally yes, but not for everything. If the picture already had a limited edition print I can't reprint it. Also if there is a model on the picture I will have to secure her approval before printing. Please send me a message (aliona.kuz@gmail.com) with the screenshot of a desired image, desired size and media and I will do my best to create the work you want!

How can I access discounts?

I send a 20% discount code for one of the prints in some of the issues of my Art Letter. You can sigh up for it at the bottom of the page.

I have another question.

I am always happy to hear from you! Contact me at aliona.kuz@gmail.com.